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5 Healthy Habits for Summer

Posted by Daniella Cippitelli on
5 Healthy Habits for Summer

Warmer weather, longer days, and the scent of barbecue in the air are clear signs that signal summer is near. For some, it’s time to get off the treadmill and get outside. For others it means digging in the dirt to keep the flower beds looking fresh and weed free. And, for some, it means chasing the toddler around the yard instead of the living room. Whatever your summer pleasures are, we have 5 habits to help keep you healthy and safe.

1- Water. Yes, we said it. A good summer habits list would be incomplete if water was not on the list. Rising temperatures make it crucial to stay hydrated, especially when participating in outdoor activities. Our bodies are 70% water and we lose water through sweat when our body tries to cool down. Keeping hydrated helps replenish the lost water and helps ward off heat-related illnesses. Even if you don’t enjoy plain water, throw some fruit or fruit juice in your bottle for some flavor and added vitamins.

2- Avoid midday outdoor exercise. UV rays from the sun are strongest between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. It’s a good habit to save strenuous outdoor exercise for early morning or early evening to avoid negative affects from heat and sun exposure. Always, always have water readily available during summer workouts and sip it often.

3- Buy local fruits and vegetables if they are available to you. Not only is it a fun day out to a local farmers market, but there is nothing quite like the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables. They are usually free of heavy pesticides and chemicals and it helps support the local economy. Once upon a time humans only ate foods according to the season they were in. The body adapted to use those vitamins and minerals in the food during those seasons. That juicy sweet watermelon picked fresh from the field really does taste better and makes the body happy.

4- Protect your skin. The extra water and fresh fruits and vegetables will do wonders for your skin, but don’t forget to use sunscreen. That goes for the guys too. If you get into the habit of putting it on before you head out the door you’ll be a step ahead of the game. You need to reapply after swimming and heavy sweating so check the manufacturer’s direction for proper application for maximum protection. Nothing spoils a vacation quicker than a blistering sun burn. We prefer ocean and reef safe formulas to help protect the planet.

5- Lighten up on heavy sauces and salty marinades. Summer is a great time to try lighter, healthier choices to season food. Try cutting back on sodium and heavy sugar filled recipes. Citrus based marinades are perfect for those laid back summer days. Be sure to keep ice packs in coolers and refrigerate left over food as soon as possible to prevent spoiling.

So there you have our top 5 habits to get you started for the summer season. Enjoy those lazy hazy days of summer and stay healthy at the same time.

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