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Everyday Uses of Grapefruit Seed Extract

Posted by Daniella Cippitelli on
Everyday Uses of Grapefruit Seed Extract
As the name suggests, grapefruit seed extract comes from the seeds of the grapefruit. This extract has been used as a homeopathic remedy for digestive issues, infections, skin ailments and contains antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and wound-healing properties.
Grapefruit seed extract has been the focus of studies going back to the early 1970s where research showed it to perform in the same fashion as some fungicides and antibiotics.
The main compounds in grapefruit seeds thought to contain its ability to fight infections are the polyphenols, limonoid and naringenin. These compounds are not only responsible for killing dangerous microbes, but they also act as protection to cells in the body.

5 reasons to add grapefruit seed extract to your daily routine:

• Actively helps in cell protection
• Excellent for your nervous system
• Known for being an effective immunity booster
• Can reduce blood pressure & improve blood flow
• Help relieve sinus infections and colds

Other uses for liquid grapefruit seed extract:

For Cleaning
You can also use grapefruit seed extract for cleaning purposes. Try using 15-20 drops on your cutting boards or counter surfaces (always do a test patch first). Rub it all over, let it sit for a while then rinse well under water or wipe the surface down with a clean wet cloth.
To Kill Mold
Put 15-20 drops of liquid GSE in two cups of warm water in a spray bottle. Spray on mold, no need to rinse.
Food Wash
Add 25-30 drops to a bowl or sink filled with water and let your fresh fruits and vegetables in to soak for a few minutes. Rinse, dry and store as normal.
We see reason enough to add this natural power supplement into our regimen. But we wouldn’t recommend chomping on seeds from your morning grapefruit. Naturity has 2 easy ways for you to incorporate this supplement into your life. We’ve got tablets and concentrated liquid GSE. This makes it super easy to get all the benefits easily and safely.
One thing to note, grapefruit juice and other grapefruit products have been shown to possibly interact with certain medications. If you are taking grapefruit seed extract internally, always be sure to check with your doctor first if you take blood thinners, statins or other medications. Always be sure your dietary supplements are high quality, organic products like the ones from Naturity.

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